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Our mission is driven by helping treatment centers become more financially viable and provide quality care for patients and families.

B&W Behavioral Consulting Services

Strategic Growth Evaluation & Operational, Clinical & Financial Analysis

B&W Behavioral Consulting will evaluate the working components of operational, clinical and financial processes for behavioral health centers. The data collected from the evaluation will be used to create a strategic plan to strengthen the operational, clinical and financial components of the center.

Cutting Edge Marketing & Business Development Strategization

B&W Behavioral Consulting assists programs to develop referral networks that will increase and stabilize daily census in any behavioral health program.

Revenue Cycle Management Resources & Services

B&W Behavioral Consulting refers behavioral health programs to cutting edge services that will save companies money and will dramatically change their business structure.

Insurance Billing Optimization Executive Training Programs

B&W Behavioral Consulting has built curriculums to train behavioral health treatment centers how to optimize all aspects of insurance billing from the initial call to the admission and treatment process. B&W Behavioral Consulting focuses on a curriculum aimed to incorporate a financial tracking system on all billed insurance clients in order to maintain accurate accounts receivable.

Result Driven Admission Training & Pricing Services

B&W Behavioral Consulting trains admission teams how to sell and price their services to families and patients seeking treatment. B&W Behavioral Consulting will evaluate your facility’s pricing for services provided and further evaluate if pricing structure needs to be adjusted within the facility.

Progressive Treatment Program Development With Measured Clinical Outcomes

B&W Behavioral Consulting assists programs to develop different treatment modalities that have proven positive clinical outcomes for any level of treatment. New treatment modalities increase revenue and provide other clinical opportunities for centers.

B & W Behavioral Consulting

B&W Behavioral Consulting is an innovative and progressive behavioral consulting firm. We work with top behavioral health treatment providers throughout the country. We help them make better decisions and convert those decisions into actions in order to deliver the measurable success they desire. Our team has worked in the Behavioral Health field for over 35 years creating and developing multiple leading behavioral health programs.

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B&W Behavioral Consulting at 801-721-2491 or email


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